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What some had to say on Day 3

Our in-field reporter Martin Agatyn was on the job again today, catching up with some of the competitors and getting the stories straight from the drivers' mouths.

DARRYL MARSHALL – This is our third year in Targa Tasmania and it’s always an awesome event.
We’ve done all three in the TSD competition, so we’re getting a real handle on it now.
We were hoping for a top five result as we were on the podium last year, so we’ve made a few little tweaks to the car this year just to make it a bit better for TSD stuff.
But I can’t thank my navigator enough – he’s the brains of the team.
I just drive and he does all the maths and tells me if I’m going too fast or two slow.

JEFF BEABLE – The competition seems to be a bit tougher this year.
I know it’s very tight behind me with only a few seconds separating the next four cars.
We’re not going flat out yet – if the cars behind us went harder we could amp it up a bit, I suppose, but for now, we don’t need to, as we’ve got a nice buffer.
The front brakes are wearing out a bit, but they’ll last.

JON SIDDENS – I’m not going as hard as I could.
I haven’t finished one for a while, so I want to finish this one.
I want to get to the end and have a lot of fun and it’s been great so far.
This is the first time I’ve had my wife as navigator, so I’m just here to have a bit of fun and take her on a trip around Tassie.

PETER ULLRICH – We’ve had a difficult day to be honest – us, not the car.
We had a bad morning – we weren’t quite on the pace this morning.
You have days like that when you’re not quite switched on, but thankfully it got better this afternoon.

LEIGH ACHTERBERG – We’ve been overtaken by quite a lot of faster cars not in our class and its upset our momentum and rhythm a bit.
It’s hurting us a bit because we have to slow down to let them by.
With our car once you lose momentum you have to wind it back up again – it’s all about keeping momentum.

MATT CLOSE – It’s amazing that we have two incredibly different cars and we’re knocking out identical times in some stages.
It looks well scripted but it’s anything but.
We’re going as hard and as safely as we can and look after our tyres, so we haven’t got much left.

TONY QUINN – We’re still having issues with our traction control – maybe if it rained it might help.
We’ll just keep pushing on – today was all good and we can’t really expect much more.

ALLAN ROWE – I’m just driving at a pace I’m comfortable with and trying to minimise tyre wear.
It’s nice to have a good lead at this stage.
It does make things a little easier, but we’ll reassess tonight and have a think about maybe easing off a bit.
It was really all about getting through a big day like today was and in a good spot.

JASON WHITE – We’re feeling more comfortable in the car each day and trying not to extract too much from it to the detriment of the tyres.
We’re going to try some unorthodox suspension adjustments and alignment settings tonight, which we think will prolong the life of the front tyres in particular.
We’re fairly confident the changes we’re going to make will allow the tyres to make it to the end.

BEN MANION – I thought we’d have a reasonable chance of a podium leading into the event, but today hasn’t gone according to plan.
I had an off in Paloona and bent a rim, which eventually resulted in a flat tyre towards the end of Cethana and I had to drive the last bit on the rim, so it cost us about 30 seconds.

STEVE GLENNEY – We’ve had a really good day – to be a minute and a half behind at the start of the day and make that time up and more is a really good result for us.
The longer stages really played into our hands and gave us more opportunity to make up time.
We’ve got a small misfire in the engine which we think is just an electronic glitch, but we’ll fix that tonight and be good to go tomorrow.

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