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Drivers Quotes - Day 3

Here are quotes from some of our leading drivers after Day 3 of this year's Targa Tasmania.


“We’ve had a real good run today. We did a bit of homework last night, looking at old videos and getting a few markers right,” Marshall said. 

“The changes we made to the car before the event, but didn’t get a chance to try out, have been worth it." 

“The car is absolutely awesome, so all the money spent, was spent in a good way."

"It’s heaps better than last year, it’s handling a lot better and it’s pulling out of the corners better." 

“We’ve got more control and better feel through the pedals.”



“The dry conditions have really suited us,” Morton said. 

“I’d not driven in the wet before Monday, so that was a real awakening." 

“But I’m much more comfortable in dry conditions, so I’ve been a able to get onto the car a bit more and really enjoy the amazing roads – it’s been awesome.”



“We’ve had a really good run today – it’s been dry and fast, and nice and cold as well, so the car’s been going really well,” Kennard said. 

“The pace notes have been really good and I’m getting a bit more confident around braking and working over the bumps.”



“We’ve not been worrying about how the other teams are going and are just concentrating on doing what we can,” Close said. 

“It’s been very slippery, to be honest, which is surprising in the dry, but we just don’t seem to have the grip on some stages that we did last year." 

“I haven’t been able to lean on it as much as I did last year, so our times have been down a few seconds here and there." 

“We’re getting enough temperature into the tyres, but I think the roads today have been a bit greener than last year.”



“We’re still struggling with some gearbox issues, but we’re really waiting for more rain,” Kaplan explained." 

“We seem to be losing time to the all-wheel drives in the dry, which is really odd. It seems for us the twister and the wetter, the better." 

“Our tyres are fine, so that’s not a problem for now, and we’ll keep going on with them as long as we can.”



“Today was a bit harder on tyre wear than we really wanted, but we figured we had to push on to stay in touch,” White said.

“On some of the longer stages if you don’t push and back off a little, it could be too much.

Up until this morning there were no signs of wear on the tyres whatsoever, but the longer stages today have been harder on the tyres."

“We just wanted to hold position today, but I think we’ve managed to gain a bit of time here and there."

"Today’s been a really good day, but it’s not sustainable like this."



“I’m amazed we’re going as well as we are,” Siddins said. 

“The tyres today have been excellent – there’s plenty of grip in the Dunlops and the engine is great, so we’ve got a really good package – and the co-driver." 

“Gina’s been on fire – she’s been going really good.”



 “I’m very happy where we are – I’m still changing my driving style as we go because it’s been so long since I’ve sat in the car,” Manion said. 

“But hopefully we’ll pick up some pace later in the week as I improve." 

“The weather isn’t an issue for me – I’m happy either way. I’m more concerned about getting onto some flowing roads on the North West Coast – they’re my favourite stages.”



“We’ve got a good lead, but it’s not comfortable,” Ullrich explained. 

“It’s never comfortable, especially in these old cars – if you start to have an issue, you have to slow down a little bit and it’s amazing how fast two minutes goes away." 

“We’ve got a bit of a cracked disc – it’s not dramatic, and we’ll just swap it tonight." 

“The car’s been prepped beautifully and it’s been really solid, so we’ve been able to maintain a good pace all week, rather than come on strong on the last day.”


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