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Targa Tasmania Rookie Rallye 2020 Eligibility


The Targa Tasmania Rookie Rallye is to provide new competitors to Targa Tasmania and tarmac rallying a cost effective and fair competition to compete in. The Rookie Rallye competition provides an opportunity to compete against other like-minded competitors who are also new to tarmac rallying and/or Targa Tasmania.


Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible to enter the Rookie Rallye, you must fit the below criteria:


·       Previously competed in Targa Tasmania as a speed-limited* competitor or Targa Tour Participant.  

      *Speed-Limited means either GT Sports, Thoroughbred & TSD Trophy Competitions.

·       Previously competed in other Targa events*, regardless of the competition competed in.  

    *Other Targa events means, Targa High Country, Targa North West, Targa Hellyer Gorge, Targa Wrest Point, Targa Adelaide, Targa Classic Adelaide.

·       Previously competed in other tarmac rally events, such as Targa West, Classic Adelaide, all rallies conducted by Mountain Motorsports, Targa New Zealand, Adelaide Hills Tarmac Rally, Suncoast Rally, East Coast Classic.


Vehicle Eligibility

To be eligible to enter the Rookie Rallye, your vehicle must fit the criteria below:


·    Vehicles must meet the same technical regulations as applied to the normal relevant full competition. i.e. Classic vehicles must meet the Classic GT rules as a minimum, Early Modern vehicles must meet the Early Modern 2 or Early Modern 4 rules and GT must meet either the GTP or GTO rules.

·       No exemptions will be given to vehicles that do not comply to the technical regulations and no demonstration and/or all comers category will be run


Competition Status


·       The normal competition status rules apply to the Rookie Rallye, which is a minimum of ten cars.  If there is less than ten cars, the organisers reserve the right to amend the competition to a Category.


Future Eligibility


·       Once a competitor has left the Ceremonial Start of Targa Tasmania, they will be listed as a Rookie Rallye competitor and will be ineligible to compete in any future Targa Tasmania Rookie Rallye competitions.

·   Regardless if the competitor competes as a driver, co-driver or navigator, a Rookie Rallye competitor can only compete in one Targa Tasmania Rookie Rallye Competition.

·       Regardless of team or vehicle changes, a Rookie Rallye competitor can only compete in one Targa Tasmania Rookie Rallye Competition.


Any previous Targa Tasmania FULL* competition competitor, regardless of whether they were the driver, co-driver and/or navigator or which year/s they competed in are ineligible to enter the Rookie Rallye.  

*Full competition means any unrestricted speed competition held at Targa Tasmania, regardless of course length.